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Residence Rihab 5, Apt B42 City gazelle 2083 - ARIANA

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  • An engineer by training, and after an experience as manager in the Tunisian industry, willingness to share and assist manufacturers in the field of management was at the origin of this design, consulting and training office.
  • Over the years, and facing the development of the needs and expectations of the market, the customers and the partners, the office has seen a diversification of its activities.
  • Following a good reputation with our customers and partners, the firm has incorporated new activities such as innovation, project and market studies to then engage in strategic mangement and support of value chains sector.
  • Motivated by the business and hired by our clients, we decided to target and select customers and partners for a personnalized service for efficient and guaranteed results.
  • Let’s ACT together is thus adopted as a slogan to highlight the need to work closely together for a common goal and a guaranteed result.

ACT CONSULT, national and international partner of any sustainable transfer approach, innovation and performance improvement.

Our value

Respect / Commitment / Teamwork / Aperture / Affiliation

  • Guarantee added value to customers & interested parties
  • Develop & maintain the expertise of our employees
  • Develop national and international partnership
  • Adapt to needs through the diversity of our services


(Fr) Sofiene Ben Salem
Consultant, Formateur
(+216) 98 296140
Domaine(s) d'intervention :

(Fr) Sarra Borni
Consultante, Formatrice, Responsable d'audit
(+216) 52 561 211
Domaine(s) d'intervention :
(Fr) ISO22000, ISO 9001, ISO14001

(Fr) Souad Chaouch
Consultante, Repsonsable d'audit, Formatrice
(+216)98 756 347
Domaine(s) d'intervention :
ISO 900, ISO 22000, FSSC22000, IFS/BRC, Halel , management de l'innovation

(Fr) Sana Ben Ouaghram
Ingénieur Conseil, Herboriste, évaluatrice
(+216) 29 939049
Domaine(s) d'intervention :
Plante aromatiques et médicinales,

Hamdi Frigui
Consultant, trainer, responsible for studies
(+216) 26 34 99 05
Domaine(s) d'intervention :
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC22000, FSMA

Wafa Ben Hmida
Consultant; Trainer; Audit manager, Evaluator
(+216) 26 349904
Domaine(s) d'intervention :
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Labelisation,

Nizar Ben Salem
Consultant ; Formateur; Responsable d'audit ; Modérateur
(+216) 20349904
Domaine(s) d'intervention :
Chaine de valeur; ISO 9001 ; ISO 22000 ; FSSC 22000 ; IFS/BRC ; management de l'innovation

Emna ben Alaya
ingénieur conseil; Auditeur
(+216) 29 000 710
Domaine(s) d'intervention :